WE NOW ACCEPT VETERANS CHOICE PROGRAM (VCP)! If the VA cannot provide you service within 30 days or you live further than 40 miles of a VA, we can provide you service.  Please call for more information.

At the Avery Centre, we appreciate the unique needs of each client. If you are needing more of an intensive approach to trauma therapy, we will be glad to accommodate those needs by creating a specialized treatment plan. A combination of individual and family psychotherapy, guided meditation, and group sessions may be utilized. Please call for more information: (909) 597-2226

We accept checks, credit cards, or cash. Super bills can be generated to submit to insurance companies for possible reimbursement. (It is the client’s responsibility to research their insurance company’s policies on out-of-network reimbursement prior to the first session.)

  • Individual Psychotherapy:  A 50 minute session of psychotherapy.

  • Intensive Trauma Session:  A two hour psychotherapy session covering cognitive, interpersonal, and behavioral trauma, and/or any other co-occurring disorder.  

  • Family Therapy:  A 90 minute therapy session for the family to process trauma, loss, or grief, and any other issue.  

  • Couples Therapy:  A 90 minute therapy session covering the needs of the couple. 

  • Groups:  60-90 minute interactive and psycho educational group.  Guest speakers will occasionally be facilitating these groups.  

We specialize in vicarious trauma with the following helping professions:

First Responders (fire, police, dispatch, EMS), Military, Corrections, Doctors, Nurses, and Therapists.

First Responders face stressful and dangerous situations nearly every day. Because of this, they may experience a wide range of physiological responses (a rush of adrenaline, for example) while on calls or treating patients. For some, this may happen many times a day, creating maladaptive thoughts and behaviors due to their unique, and often chaotic circumstances. At times, traumatic accident scenes and incidents involving patients that resemble or be the same age as a loved one may be traumatic for the first responder, forcing him through the grieving cycle and interrupting his normal daily routine. Unfortunately, the intrusive thoughts, negative coping mechanisms, and behavior may eventually begin to affect work, family, and self. These problems can become incredibly overwhelming, leaving one to feel a whole range of negative emotions. Please contact us if you feel that we may be of service to you or your facility. We can de-brief and facilitate crisis groups in most Southern California counties. 

Phone: (909) 597-2226
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