Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). Empath. Do any of these words sound familiar to you? Have you ever felt or have been told that you are “too sensitive”? Maybe you have felt empathy for others on such a deep level that is hard to explain. You may feel as if you actually begin to take on the mental and emotional state of another and find yourself dealing with added anxiety, depression, and frustration. Those of us who are considered highly sensitive people tend to be more anxious and may have difficulty processing difficult or traumatic events.
While it is great to have empathy for others, it can get overwhelming and burdensome if it is unmanageable and distressful. Let’s discover how to best manage your anxiety and depression when it comes to being an HSP. Also, let’s find ways to embrace your gift.
Everyone is on their own unique journey. Perceptions of events will vary from person to person. I take pride in embracing the authentic you and gently guiding towards the best version of yourself. Thank you for your time and hope to talk with you very soon!


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